Where is Stone City?

Approximately 4 miles west of Anamosa, Iowa or about 20 miles east of Cedar Rapids, Iowa on U.S. Hwy. 151, then north about 5 miles on County Road X-28..

Why must I contact Jones County Tourism for a tour of Stone City?

Jones County Tourism has the experience of arranging tours in this area.  They are better able to provide you with a complete tour package.

How do I pay for my tour of Stone City?

Those details are left to Jones County Tourism. Please contact them here.

What is a Stone City Tour Look Like?

Tour the Stone City Quarry, Stone City.  See how the Dolomite Limestone quarried here is mined and find out why it’s so unique. From the quarry, your tour continues to St. Joseph’s Church.  You’ll hear the story of the church and Stone City—it’s beginning as a company town to serve the needs of the quarry and its connection to native artist Grant Wood.  Then continue to tour the rest of Stone City; see the Water Tower, Ice House, Carriage House, Quarry Offices, the largest stone barn in the area and many more buildings and ruins.

When Is The Best Time to Visit Stone City?

If the weather was the only determinate, I would say any time from Memorial Day    through Thanksgiving. Our peak period is June through August.

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